MG EHS, plug-in hybrid with state-of-the-art technology

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This is the MG EHS, the only plug-in hybrid from MG

The historic British brand MG has returned to the European market and has done so to stay, with a wide range of sustainable cars, electric or plug-in hybrid, only two of its models are with combustion engines the MG HS and MG ZS but with latest generation engines and with a very low CO2 emissions. Of course, these combustion models are some of the most economical on the market, fully equipped, with very high quality components and with seven years warranty and how could it be otherwise all MG models have the highest scores in terms of security is concerned.

But let's focus on the MG EHS, the British brand's plug-in hybrid that inherits the rigid structure of the gasoline version, which together with the MG Pilot and other safety elements facilitate driving and further reinforce safety, both for pedestrians and for the MG EHS users themselves.

mg ehs

The MG EHS is a plug-in hybrid SUV with 258 hp with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine turbo 162 hp and a 122 hp electric motor with a 16.6 kWh battery that gives it a range in 100% electric mode over 60 kilometers which allows it to have the label "0" emissions of the DGT and for only 27,000 euros which makes it the most economical hybrid market in its sector, These engines are associated with a 10-speed gearbox.

The MG EHS accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds, with a top speed of 190 km/h and a homologated fuel consumption of 1.9 liters per hundred in a combined gasoline-electric cycle.

 The MG EHS has a more than considerable measures, length of 4.58 meters, width of 1.88 meters and a height of 1.67 meters but with a great advantage over its rivals, its long wheelbase that is more than 2.7 meters which allows a large interior capacity, with the corresponding comfort for passengers and a trunk capacity of 448 liters, allowing the luggage of its five occupants.

mg ehs

The two versions offered by the MG EHS are one with Comfort finish, the most economical and Luxury version with all the equipment you can ask a car since from the basic version we have two-zone climate control, heated front seats, digital instrument panel (12.3-inch screen), central touch screen 10.1-inch browser and compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, the MG EHS is equipped with all driving aids, such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, active lane keeping, automatic emergency braking, etc.

mg ehs

We really find ourselves with one of the best options in the current market in the SUV segment, a fully equipped car, with seven years of warranty equipped with the latest technology and really very affordable price for a car in this sector.

But as much as we can tell you in this article, the best thing is that you visit our facilities CADIMAR-FEVIMAR and you can see it and most importantly, try it.

Our advisors will be happy to provide you with all the information you need as well as to find you the best financing and aid that you can have both from the brand and from the government with the MoveIII plan to make the purchase of your new Mg EHS as comfortable as possible.