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MG is a British car brand that has a long history behind it, dating back to the 1920s. It was known for producing sporty, compact and high-performance vehicles. Over the years, after a change of direction, it has returned to the market full of new ideas, offering the public vehicles of high quality and performance at very competitive prices. Being a pioneer with a new generation of vehicles, all of them electric. In this new stage of MG, they are strongly committed to sustainable driving and the environment. The new vehicles presented by MG are practical in everyday life, spacious and have the latest advances in safety and technology. Among its most recognized models are the MG ZS, the MG EHS, the MG4, etc.

Currently, the brand is owned by SAIC Motor, a giant of the Asian Automotive, in its plants has the production of models of other major brands such as Škoda, Volkswagen or Volvo, which has been working to revitalize the MG brand and return it to its former splendor.

Grupo Angal and MG, have joined in an exciting project, being official MG dealers in various parts of the Peninsula. We currently have dealers in the provinces of Cadiz, with two locations: MG Fevimar Cadiz and MG Fevimar Jerez. Also in the province of Lugo, with one location, MG Fevimar Lugo and recently we have opened three official MG points of sale in Jaén, Andújar and Úbeda.

In all of them we will distribute all the current MG models and future models that will land and we will give attention in the workshops that are fully equipped.

It is a project with a great future, we are confident that it will be well received by customers, and from MG Fevimar we will work to provide a service and attention to the height. We are waiting for you at our facilities where our specialists will advise you and you can see in person all our stock. Do not hesitate and join the MG Fevimar family!
Installation Cadiz
MG Fevimar Cadiz
Installation Jerez
MG Fevimar Jerez
Installation Jaén
MG Fevimar Jaén
MG Fevimar Los Barrios
Úbeda Facility
MG Fevimar Úbeda
Installation Andujar
MG Fevimar Andujar
Instalación Lugo
MG Fevimar Lugo