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If what you are looking for is a 100% electric compact and that different touch, the MG4 is your vehicle. It presents a unique and innovative design, with lines never seen before in the segment. The pleasure of driving is no longer exclusive to premium models.
It has the latest in technology and connectivity, offering its drivers the new MG iSMART connectivity system, keyless access to the vehicle, wireless charging for our devices, etc.

The MG4 can make a long road trip possible with an estimated WLTP range of up to 450 KM. With an advanced battery management system, this ensures a stable yet efficient range. In addition, the MG4 allows fast charges in just 35 minutes to go from 10% to 80%, at a maximum power of 150 kW.
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MG Fevimar offers the following finishes:


EV range: 350km
Maximum Power 125kW
KERS system
Complete LED Headlamps
Dual digital display (7" + 10.25")
MG iSmart (Lite)
Automatic start and keyless entry
(V2L) Electrical charge to the outside
16" rims
- 10.1" color touch screen
- Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
- 17" wheels
- Tire Pressure Monitoring System
- Full Led Headlights
- Air Conditioning
- Parking Sensors (Rear)


Adds to the Standard version:
EV range 450km
VesselMaximum Power 150kW
Carg Max in DC:135kW
Active Grid System (AGS)
Leather steering wheel
Privacy" rear windows
17 rims with satellite navigation
Adds to the Comfort trim:

- 360° parking camera
- Satellite navigation
- Virtual Cockpit Display
- Rain sensor
- Six-speaker audio system with 3D sound
- Heated front seats
- "Leather style" upholstery with contrast stitching
- Six-way power driver's seat
- Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps - Front fog lamps

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MG MG4 prices in 2024 from 19.230€ to 32.230€.

Autonomy (KM)
19.230 €
23.730 €
24.730 €
31.230 €
32.230 €
All versions with Electric Motor
Type of vehicle
170 - 204 HP
Trunk capacity
363 L
Length 4.29 m, Width 1.84 m, Height 1.5 m
KWh/100 KM
*Recommended for mainland Spain and Balearic Islands, does not include charging cable type 2 or any other type of accessory. The indicated price is subject to financing and includes current taxes, discounts and MOVES 3 plan with scrappage and transport. Registration and pre-delivery costs are not included. Price valid until 31/03/2023 for the Spanish market (except Canary Islands) and units in stock. Actual range is conditioned by driving style, weather, road conditions and use of A/C, heating, etc. Promotional action of 1 year of free all-risk insurance linked to financing.

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Welcome to the future of driving with the MG4 2024. This revolutionary electric car, including powerful variants such as the MG4 XPOWER and MG4 Extended Range, combines cutting-edge technology, sleek design and exceptional performance at unbeatable prices. In this article, we will explore the different variants, interior features and attractive MG4 offerings, ensuring you find the perfect option for your needs.

Editions for All Tastes:

The MG4 2024 offers a wide range of editions or versions to suit every lifestyle. From the standard model to the more luxurious versions such as the MG4 Luxury and MG4 Comfort, you'll find amenities and features designed to meet your daily needs. In addition, for those looking for sporty performance, the MG4 XPOWER offers an exciting and dynamic driving experience, while the MG4 Extended Range provides extended range for longer trips.

Luxury and Comfort Interior:

Step inside the luxurious interior of the MG4, where comfort and technology merge seamlessly. From high-quality materials to innovative features, every detail is designed to give you a premium driving experience. Discover the generous space, advanced entertainment systems and intuitive controls that make every journey a pleasure.

State-of-the-Art Electrical Performance:

With its efficient and powerful electric motor, the MG4 offers exceptional performance without emissions. Enjoy a smooth and quiet ride, along with breathtaking acceleration that will leave you breathless. Whether you opt for luxury and comfort or power and performance, the MG4 guarantees a satisfying and environmentally friendly driving experience.

Competitive Prices and Special Offers:

At our dealership, we offer competitive pricing on our entire MG4 lineup, including the exciting XPOWER and Extended Range variants. Plus, don't miss out on our special offers and financing options that make it easier than ever to drive the electric car of your dreams.

The MG4 2024 is more than just an electric car - it's a statement of style, performance and commitment to a sustainable future. Discover why the MG4 is changing the game in the automotive industry and visit our dealership today to experience the electric revolution. Don't wait any longer to take the step towards smarter, greener driving with the MG4!